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About Us

The Golden Monkey Apparel company is a stylish and unique clothing brand that caters to individuals ranging from adventurous to introverted. Our specialized line of clothing and apparel has something to fit every occasion and focuses around providing you with comfort, style, and a sense of community. To do this, we feature unique branding and meaningful messaging on our clothing and foster a community of meaningful thought and collaborative progress.

Our young company was founded by a team of US Army veterans and individuals with a history of overcoming challenges and making the world a better place through proactive changes and internal examination. Our company is special because it consists of those who have found their true passion in life. Our passion, which is the most crucial ingredient in our success as a company, is fueled by the desire to live in the moment, enjoy life to the fullest, and help others find their own passion in life.

At the Golden Monkey Apparel, we believe that success in the apparel industry is secondary to our success as a global citizen. We know that we can’t have one without the other. That is why we take on initiatives and encourage our employees to be the change that they want to see in the world and affect positive change individually and through our brand. By constructing our company with individuals who share our passion for improving the world that we live in, we know that we can become a force of change.

If you want to join our growing movement and team up with us to lead a movement, then it’s time to join the Golden Monkey Family.